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"I can't thank Haycom enough for their enthusiasm and willingness to push the boundaries. Haycom shared our foresight and imagination for this project giving us immense confidence throughout the whole process"
Gary Edmonds, Associate Director, The Buchan Group


1. How do you make the most out of a small event budget?

  • Ensure everyone involved knows the key objectives of the event
  • Select an appropriate venue to avoid unnecessary expenditure.

2. How long before an event should I book a venue?

  • Work with your Production Manager to set a realistic schedule for bump in and don't forget to allow time for a safe bump out
  • Work back from 30 min before doors open and ensure you include time for presenter rehearsals.

3. For a conference, how long should each session be?

  • It depends on the material being presented; presentations that are heavy on facts and figures should aim to be around 20 min each. If it needs to be longer due to the volume of content then try to break it into smaller sessions and topics with some breathing space in between each.
  • Presentations that are story telling can be longer if your presentation style can keep the audience enthralled.

4. How can lighting be used to highlight a speaker in a large group of attendees?

  • Good lighting is essential to sustain your audience's attention. Ensure your presenter is lit evenly and does not merge into the background by using back/key lighting as well as front lighting. This is especially important on camera. The lights should be set at a right angle to reduce shadows, whilst not blinding the presenter.

5. What is the average bump-in/ bump-out length?

  • There really is no average bump in/out time as each venue and event is unique but as most companies have a minimum 4 hour call for staff and try to set staff numbers to make best use of the 4 hours. Please work with your Production Manager to set a schedule to ensure your presentation is set on time, allowing for rehearsals and contingencies.


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